Saturday, May 2, 2020

Elon Musk Wipes $14 Billion off Tesla’s Value With Single Tweet


 Elon Musk is one of the wealthiest men on the planet, so as you can imagine, it hasn't taken long for people to start questioning him on what he's going to do during the coronavirus outbreak. More specifically, how he is going to help... given he's got a ton of money and all.

Well, just days after his controversial pledge, Musk stepped up to help...

But now, well Musk has done something truly bizarre. He's posted one tweet which has wiped $14 billion off Tesla's value...

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The Roadster, an all-electric 4-seater machine that Tesla claims has a top speed exceeding 250mph, was revealed last year, but the firm has now shown it in public for the first time at the Swiss event, although the white model on display appeared to be a design shell.

Tesla says the launch version, first confirmed during the launch event for the new Tesla Semi lorry in California,  will feature 10,000nm of torque (7376lb ft) from 3 motors.

It can hit 60mph in 1.9 seconds, half-a-second quicker than the current fastest-accelerating Tesla, the Model S P100D.

Musk said the successor to Tesla’s first production car, which went off sale 6 years ago, can accelerate from zero to 100mph in 4.2 seconds and complete a quarter-mile sprint in 8.9 seconds.

“I told you a few days ago that [Musk] was likely to have 1,000 ventilators this week,” he said.

“They’ve arrived in Los Angeles… It was a heroic effort.”

This is a great move from Musk.

People have been quick to point out the sheer contrast between how celebrities and “normal people” are dealing with the outbreak.

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It’s actually terrifying…