Thursday, April 16, 2020

Disturbing facts discovered in celebrity autopsy reports

khabib nurmagomedov Nate Diaz Tony Ferguson  justin gaethje

The majority of celebrity autopsy reports contain few surprises, but sometimes the findings made by coroners are more shocking and sad than the death itself. From crazy drug cocktails to injuries too severe to imagine, here are the most disturbing things that have been uncovered in celebrity autopsy reports.

 Autopsy reports will never make for particularly pleasant reading, but sometimes they're the only way we can make sense of a celebrity death.

 While the family of a recently deceased famous person will usually release an official cause of death to the media so that it can be relayed to fans, rarely will they go into the grisly details of their loved one's demise

 that's the coroner's job. Most of the time, reading the coroner's findings is the only surefire way to separate fact from pure speculation, which, let's be honest, is usually pretty rife when somebody big has kicked the bucket.