Thursday, April 16, 2020

99-year-old war veteran raises millions for NHS


 If you're struggling with lock down, perhaps take inspiration from 99 year old Tom Moore. His days in isolation are motivated by helping others with the aid of his walking frame. He's steadily making laps of the garden to raise money for NHS workers. But the speed of donations has left him stunned.

Tom Moore said: “ I didn't think I'd go anywhere, I feel it was just a little family. But then when they start as they go, I think we're all a move that couldn't believe this little girl.”

Every day as we film, a call comes in for Tom and his daughter Hannah to appear on an American radio station Tom's fundraising.

His daughter said:“  has gone global as a global nation. We're looking for something to hold us together and magically this has become it, not. In fact, what we set out to do and we're now sharing this with the whole well, this is the world story, not ours.”

Tom says the NHS looked after him when he had skin cancer and a broken hip. Now with the body, they helped keep going into old age. He wants to repay what the NHS did for him.

The difference that this is making is faster. It's going straight to the frontline of the NHS, the staff, the volunteers, the patients and supporting them. So creating rest and recuperation centres for staff is buying electronic devices like iPads for patients who are isolated to be able to speak to their families and friends.

 During the Second World War, Tom served in the Army in Burma and India. His wartime stoicism is still evident and his optimism is proving uplifting in these dark times.

Tom Moore said: We've never had anything quite like this before. We've suffered wars. But this. Is it? It is a global thing. And as we said, it was invisible. It's something you can't get out. And thump it and do anything you like. You've got to give them all the medical people are doing their best to get through and we will get through that. I think we got everybody gotta remember we will go through eventually.

Heading in for a well-earned rest Tom says he'll continue making laps of the garden just as long as people keep sponsoring him.